Tuesday, August 28, 2012

impromptu trip

It was another long weekend.  I was craving for bulalo and something to do so I texted Royson and he texted Imye, and by two PM we were headed for Tagaytay. I love my barkada. Kaladkarin.

The goal of the trip was to eat, eat, enjoy the weather and eat.

We headed first to the Abundant Place just a few kilometers before reaching the Tagaytay City boundary.  It's a small place known for their handicrafts and giant palitaw (or palutang as we call in our side of Cavite). For a hundred bucks, you get to eat a big (very) palitaw served with muscovado, coconut shavings, coconut strips and pinipig (rice crispies); a cup of a very tasty tablea chocolate drink; and taragon tea. The place is very airy and decorated with the shell handicrafts that they sell. If we weren't planning to eat more somewhere else, we would have stayed and probably finished two more giant palitaws... each!

giant palitaw at the Abundant Place

We then went to Green ATS Bulalohan and Restaurant. A meal at this place is always a part of any Tagaytay gimik.  Bulalo! Fried tilapia! Grilled pork! Coke! ahhhh.... heaven.

 bulalo at Green ATS

After satisfying our bulalo craving, we headed for the Cliff House. It's actually a very posh inn with four big rooms overlooking the lake complete with outdoor jacuzzis.  A night's stay in one of the rooms would cost you 15,000.  Quite pricy! But of course, we went there to eat.  There were several interesting eating establishments to choose from but we decided to just have crepes and coffee from Bretton.

coffee at the Cliff House
That was a great way to cap the long weekend, a food trip around a cool city with equally cool and always-hungry-for-good-food friends!

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