Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a thank you note

I received a handmade thank you card from one of the graduates. It contains a note and a wacky picture of the faculty inside. The note reads:

For your good humor and the jokes that wake us up during class. For being my academic adviser, and the helpful study tips you gave us for Thera Ex 2. For your praise and for teaching us the proper intonation of “very good.”

It feels nice to be appreciated :)

thank you

summer plans update 2

Trying to keep track.

CTS stuff:
  • CTS renovation will start on Saturday. Yep Black Saturday. The contractor feels he doesn't have enough time to finish by the end of May. We had to help him out with the papers with CPDMO. I'm so thankful Alma is there to help with all the signing.
  • The new aircondition units for the clinic just arrived. We now have 4 split-type aircons. One for the SI room, one for the iso rooms, one for the intern's lounge and one for the CS lounge. We also have two new window-type aircons for the AA OT area and AA ADL/Hydro area. Plus we have 3 new blowers for the AA comfort room, AA SP rooms and AA OT treatment area. Some of the units have already been installed but we have to work on the power source for the other units.
  • The contractor for the new blinds arrived earlier to make the final measurements. Its going to be a busy summer but come June the clinic is going to be brand new!
  • The graduates donated half of the excess money they gathered for the Christmas Party to the clinic. Thanks to the new alumni of the college!
  • The database project is nearly complete. What's left is encoding the data and sorting all of the inactive patient charts. We will resurrect one of the old computer solely for the database of the clinic.
Geeky stuff
  • Already meet with the previous coordinator of PT142 to discuss problems with last years run. This subject needs careful planning and monitoring. I'm excited. I also emailed last year's course team to ask for their comments and suggestions.
  • Cathie emailed me the copy of the blog study we are going to work on. EJ already gave his approval. I just need to talk to the dean.
  • I fixed up my desk a bit. Something we faculty rarely get to do once the classes start. I got to purge a lot of papers (scratch paper heaven). On Monday, I plan to organize my files.
Non-geeky stuff
  • Nothing planned yet.
  • Tried Chef Bruce's new opened resto at Rob Galleria, Hyphy's (pronounced as HIGH-fees). The sisig pasta was good but it becomes overwhelming after a few bites. I think it needs more pasta to control the amount of the sisig with every bite. The interiors look good and the service is good.
skateboards on the wall

sisig pasta

It will be Maundy Thurday in a few minutes. I'm thinking if I'm going to do a visita iglesia to help me reflect.

Have a blessed holy week everyone.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

summer plans update

I'm going to blog my progress to keep me on track. :)

Geeky stuff:
  • downloaded last year's PT 142 and PT 153 syllabi (syllabuses?haha)
  • reviewed and documented my personal thoughts about the topics and how it was ran last year
  • things to do: study the course eval last year, talk to last year's coordinators (that would be EJ because I was the PT 153 coord last year), gather the thought of the faculty about the course
Non-geeky stuff
  • Got switchfoot tickets courtesy of Grace! Yey. I missed the the script concert tonight. Bawi na lang. :)

poster from

things to do this summer

Ever since I decided to discontinue with my program, my head is spinning with things I can do with my free time this summer. I'm writing it down here so I won't forget. I have a lot of free time this April and May but I will be swamped with work come first semester. So I need to use my time wisely. Mr. Crammer will start to work early. hahaha. This will also serve as my goal list.

Ok. Things to do this summer:

1. Review and revise the syllabus for PT 153: Thera Ex 2. I need to look at the course evaluation, rethink the content and send the revisions to the team before the second week of May. This will give them more time to think about the course and the subjects they would like to teach.

2. Review and revise the syllabus for PT 142: Assessment in Physical Therapy. This is trickier compare to the first one because it is a bigger subject. I need to meet with the previous coordinator aside from reviewing the course eval. I hope i will be able to email the revised syllabus for comments by the 3rd week of May.

3. Transcribe the FGD with the clinical coordinators and analyze the data. This I should do soon. I will be using the analysis of the data during the CAMP vision and mission. This should be done before the VMG on the 26th.

4. Revise the research proposal that I will use for the thesis of the incoming students. I plan to use parts of my management study. Either the interview of clinic managers of pediatric centers to determine the most effective way to decrease the waitlist, or continue with the telephone interview to determine the perceptions of caregivers of patients in the CTS waitlist about waiting. This will take a longer time to finish. I hope I can submit it for technical review by the first week of June and for ethical review right after that.

5. Work on my paper for publication. I will try to have the SERVQUAL study I did with the students two years ago. I want this to be a surprise. I hope to get a response by June. So that means I have to work on it ASAP.

6. I have several projects on-going at CTS at the moment. I need to supervise them during the summer:
a. Renovation of the CTS pedia
b. Updating and improving the database - i need to find a suitable program for this
c. I plan to do an actual audit of the existing waitlist and do it as a study. I've read articles like this before. It would also be good for publication.

7. Think about topics for the EBP paper next semester. I need to have this ready by June.

So there. Looks like its going to be a full summer. But I'm not dreading it. There is no pressure and I work better that way.

Of course, there's the May Visayas-Mindanao trip to look forward too. I'll still get to swim this summer and not just in papers. hahaha

Friday, April 15, 2011

and another academic year comes to a close

It was a tiring but productive day. It was University Graduation Day!

I woke up late. Haha. Actually, I woke up at four AM but I made the mistake of closing my eyes again. When I got up it was 6:45 already. The assembly time is at 7:00 at PICC and I'm still at Pasig. I got out of the apartment at around 7:30. I took an FX to Makati and then a cab to PICC. The traffic was moderate to heavy! I should have taken the train. Needless to say, I was was late. This is my 3rd time to attend the university grad and I been late twice. Oh well, next year is another year. I did get to hear the last part of President Pascual's speech, and I still got to see our students as they went up the stage. Congrats again to everyone and to the cum laudes!

The ceremony is not that different from the previous ones. They still played that kulintang march I love in lieu of Pomp and Circumstance. CAS still had the most the number of students and laudes. There was a lightning rally as expected. This year its about expressing their disappointment over the UP budget cuts and the tuition fee increase. Speaking of being disappointed, I didn't like the valedictory address by UP Manila's only summa cum laude. It was just ok. Nothing heartfelt. It was like cliches woven together into a speech. I actually liked the speech of the lightning rally leader better. That one was delivered well and with conviction. I especially liked the part when he was about end and the introduction to UP Naming Mahal was already playing. It gave me goosebumps, I tell you.

After the ceremonies, the Chancellor treated all of the faculty to a delicious lunch at Emerald Garden. They served big crabs and shrimps! Thanks chancy!

When we returned to the college, I had to rush to CTS to talk to the contractor about the renovation plans for the summer. I also had to rush my documents for my grad school application. (Yup! I'm applying in a new program.) Today was the last day of submission. I was able to submit fifteen minutes before the office closed. Whew! Buzzer beater again!

Next week is holy week. Work at the college will finally start to wind down. I've already made geeky plans for the summer. Haha. I'll post that next but for now I will rest.

102nd commencement exercise

double chin a la cervical collar

OT, PT SP faculty

the expected lightning rally

speaking with conviction

waiting for the emerald lunch

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011 college graduation

The college held the recognition rites for its 2011 OT, PT and SP graduates at the Philam Life Auditorium this morning. As Ma'am Mia said, the ceremony was "heartwarming, sincere and precious."

For the benefit of those who, like me, did not experience a separate college graduation apart from a university graduation, the recognition rites is a ceremony held by the college to honor its graduates. The graduates are presented with their certificates of completion (which is different from the official university diploma). It is during the college graduation when the college recognizes the outstanding students: the merit awardees (those with GWA 2.0 to 1.76), the laudes, the best interns, and the best thesis presenters. The graduates also get to wear their sablays during the event. They get to wear their academic togas during the university graduation when they are conferred their respective degrees.

This is different during my time. Back then, the awards were given during the Seniors Over At last Party (SOAP) and the scholastic awards were presented during the university graduation. As of present, there are no more official graduation parties except those organized by the students themselves.

The college graduation has a more "homey" feel because the graduates of the college are really the center of attention. For some, they consider the recognition rites as more meaningful and memorable compared to the university grad.

This year, we had the very engaging Ms. Alexandra "Sandy" Prieto Romualdez as our guest speaker. She is the president and CEO of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and a high school batchmate of Ma'am Mia.

It was quite the event! The university officials commended the college for a very organized and efficient(!) recognition ceremony. But more importantly, the students were very satisfied and happy. And they should be! Graduating from the college is bragging right. Haha. But a right one should use in moderation.

There are THREE PT cum laudes this year: Kevin Arao, Jess Daet, and Diana Que. Nicole Prieto was awarded the Best PT Clinican (welcome to the club - haha. yabang!). Dean Polly's thesis group composed of Jess Daet, Albert Pagdato, Danica Dalmacion, Allain Lou P. Padlan, Gem Robis, and Luika Watanabe, bagged the Best Thesis Presentation Award.

Congratulations to all the awardees and congratulations to the graduating batch of 2011!

Up next: Board Exam. Good luck!

the classic Philam Life red tiles


i still don't have a decent sablay pic

going up?

walking along Ma. Orosa

heading back to the College

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

land and fire

Last Monday I went with Royson to Batasan to meet with my adviser to tell her about my decision. Unfortunately, she was sick so I wasn't able to talk to her personally. I just emailed her instead.

On our way to Batasan, we passed by several shanties on fire! The black column of smoke was already visible as far away as Araneta Avenue.

I heard from the news later that day that these were squatters who refused to be relocated. I think one person was reported dead. I'm not sure if there were more.

Sad. You don't know who to side with. The illegal settlers who now lost all of their property and for some, their love ones, or the legal owners of the area who cannot use the land because it was, if you think about it, "stolen" from them by these illegal settlers.

Why can't just people follow the law and think before they act? Hay naku!

pillar of black smoke form the burning shanties

Monday, April 11, 2011

cutting my loses

I was at a loss the past week. I was at a crossroad. Crossroads are never fun but, just like everything that we have to face, it is a learning experience. You learn things about yourself and the people around you.

I have decided to call it quits. And being so near the end of my program, my decision is not a popular choice among my friends, co-workers and bosses. But knowing myself, I know it's the right choice. I'm happy with my decision. It's a decision I should have made three semesters ago when I came back.

I wrote my adviser an emotional letter explaining my decision. I was supposed to tell her personally today but she was sick so thus the letter.

I'm sharing it here because I think its the best way to explain my decision to those who care to know the reason.

I just want to clean my slate and start fresh. Because I know wherever I'm headed, I'm going to make waves!

Two years from now, when I'm wearing that blue hood, I will read this again and smile and say "I knew it! I was right!"

- - -

Hi Ma'am,

I hope you are feeling better.

I went with Royson to Shopwise Barasan earlier to inform you of my decision. I spent the weekend to reflect on my possible courses of action and finally, I have made up my mind.

I'm going to cut my loses.

I think and feel that will not be able to finish all of my requirements given the time and my lack of focus and motivation. I don't know what happened why I lost my drive. Probably because I let the whole thing dragged on so long the way it did. It was my fault compounded by other factors. I feel I am not the same person who sat in your financial management class eight years ago. My circumstances have changed and so did my interests. The career path I drew for myself years ago is now different from the career path I am on. My path is now towards being an educator in the academe. The PT clinic/hospital I wanted to put up back then is now temporarily shelved. Perhaps, one day my path will change again and lead me to that. We'll never know, but for now, I am happy with where I am headed. And with that, I would have to say goodbye to the program.

I don't feel its a big loss though. It's too bad that I will not get the degree but the things that I have learned and have applied will always be with me. Enrolling in the course also gave me a chance to meet you, and other wonderful teachers like Ma'am Jen and Ma'am Myra. You have no idea how you have inspired me to be a better student and a better teacher to my own students. For that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you ma'am for the support and the guidance. Thank you for giving me a chance to grow. Rest assured that I will use all the things that I have learned.

I am now planning to apply at NTTC to take up MHPEd. I am actually excited about it. When I'm finished with that degree 2 years from now, I plan to combine the things I know from both programs and apply it to the college :)

I hope one day I get to work with you again. Thank you again, ma'am, for everything!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

clinic pre-renovation

Our generous ninang agreed to help with the summer renovation of the pedia section of the clinic. The walls and ceiling will be repainted and the floor will be retiled. We will also have that almost 20-year old wooden toy cabinet dismantled to give room for the new metal cabinets we ordered. The sink will be retiled as well and the anay-infested cabinets below it will be removed. Lastly, we'll have the upper part of the door changed to glass and new window screens will be put in place.

We emptied the clinic and placed everything at the adult-adolescent section. Its a little cramped there now but its still functional.

Hopefully, the construction will be finished by the end of May in time for the start of another academic year.

main entrance

wooden toy cabinets

more toy cabinets

main treatment area

to the sensory integration room

isolation room and sink area

dora at the iso room

sink area and comfort room

more iso rooms


i'm giving myself until today to reflect and decide.

will i cut my loses or will i go all hercules?

in the end its just me who is going to decide.

my enemy is just ME.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

training scenes

I work in Manila but I live in Cavite but most of the time I crash at my brother's place in Pasig to the point of overstaying my welcome. Haha.

There are three routes I usually take from Lifehomes to Manila: bus to Quiapo, MRT-LRT straight to Pedro Gil, or FX to Makati then a cab to work. Lately, I've been taking he train. It's the fastest but the most tiring. Unlike with the bus or the FX-cab routes, I cannot sleep when I'm "training". When there's nothing to do aside from standing my ground, I usually whip out my phone and take pictures.

Here are some of those "training scenes".

center aisle

dreaming of mcdo

gum! tsk tsk tsk

with the students gone

traveling with dad

bus ride to Cavite - different mode of transport, same problem

retro pics posts

With my new phone, I can now transfer my cam pics to the computer. I find it difficult to do with my previous phone. So now expect a barrage of retro photo posts. Hehe.

One of the major reasons why I transferred my blog from multiply to blogspot is because of the latter's poor picture storage. So I'll be keeping my pictures here from now own. I also have a photobucket account but I usually forget to upload there. Blogspot is my savior.

my phone! definitely, my phone!

Finally, I bought a new phone! I've been surviving on a borrowed phone for the longest time (Thank you friends!). Thanks to the "haggard pay", I have one to call my own. Haha.

It's a my|phone QW28 Duo. I went a thousand pesos over my budget but I got all the features I wanted. It's a dual sim wifi ready qwerty phone with bluetooth, a camera and an mp3 player. Not bad, not bad at all.

Now, all I have to do is buy a protector. Anybody know where I can buy a nice one?

gopher phone