Tuesday, March 15, 2011

bustos daw! dining pinoy style

He is the new pinoy youtube sensation (well, fairly recent, at least for me because I only heard of him today) - Mikey Bustos. I saw someone quote him on twitter, "Op kors, redhorse"; watched his video "tutorials"on youtube; and laughed my head off. In the tradition of Rex Navarette, Christine "Happy Slip" Gambito, and other pinoy comedians who grew up in a different country with the vantage point of someone outside looking in, he presents a brand of comedy that highlights the idiosyncrasies (i hope i used that term right) of Filipino culture.

This video talks about some of the dining habits of pinoys. Honestly, this video, aside from making me laugh, made me hungry. I want some rice with my KFC!

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