Tuesday, March 29, 2011

research day

Today the graduating PT student presented their researches in the annual research symposium of the college. The seven groups worked the whole year with their thesis advisers from writing the proposal to data collection and analysis to manuscript writing and presentation.

I arrived late at the event (because the LRT broke down and because I woke up late). I missed Ma'am Mia's Gawad Centenaryo Professorial Chair Lecture and the first two groups of students who presented. Darn! I wanted to hear Ma'am Mia's clinical reasoning research.

I sat at the back and tried to tweetcast the whole event. I was fairly successful. Haha.

Here's a rundown of the researches that were presented:

Aguila, et al. "Physical activity habits of UP Manila students"
(presented by RA Borlat)

Rotor, et al. "Clinical reasoning of two Filipino physical therapists in out-patient clinics: Preliminary results of a qualitative case study"
(presented by Clariz Patricio)

Bandong, et al. "Perceptions of Filipino older adults on physical activity"
(presented by Zoila Dayao)

Gorgon, et al. "Physical therapy for people with dementia: exploring the required competencies
(presented by JR Canono)

Gomez, et al. "A pilot study on the perceptions of Filipino adults on physical activity"
(presented by Mae Ang)

Mendoza, et al. "A review of the waitlist and wait times in the Clinic for Therapy Services
(presented by Ren Dizon)

Magpili, et al. "Awareness of clinical obstetricians-gynecologists about the role of physical therapy and referral pattern in obstetrics and gynecology at the Philippine General Hospital
(presented by Albert Pagdato)

Congratulations to the students and their faculty advisers for a successful symposium. I'm proud of my group for answering the panelists' questions so well. Too bad they lost their chance to win the Best Research Presentation Award because they submitted their materials late. Overall, it was a very good effort. They presented and discussed the results well without overwhelming the audience with the numbers. Their powerpoint could use a little adjusting though. It was hard to read from the back. One more edit and the paper is ready for binding.

The symposium was the students' last hurrah! After this, it just make-up clinical duties and then GRADUATION. And another academic year comes to a close. (sigh of relief)

(photo from Ma'am Mia's blog)

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