Saturday, March 26, 2011

ethical last day

Last Friday was the official last day of classes. Next week is just for exams, exams, and more exam. After that, it's "hello internship!" for the kids (all of them I hope).

The ethics class ended the sem for the students. In groups, they creatively reported on solutions to different ethical dilemmas. And if there's one thing these smart students are, its creative. It was an interesting and fun way to end the year.

I'm proud of these students and I can wait to see them strut their stuff in the clinics. Good luck with the exams!

Meanwhile, the sem is not over for the faculty especially for us doing graduate studies. Good luck to us too!

of course the year can't end without some picture taking

pareng Oble paid the class a visit

and the crowd went wild!

with students Cez and Sophie

(pictures from Cez' FB page)

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