Monday, March 28, 2011

roar of a choco

I love chocolate! Actually, I love food in general. I was reminded of how lucky I was and my sweet tooth as a child because I got to eat a lot of chocolates every time my Pa would come home from Saudi. (Yeah! I'm a typical pinoy child of the eighties - a provinciano middle middle class with a parent working in the Middle East.)

Of all the chocolates my Pa would bring home back then, it's the Lion Bar that's my favorite. I could finish three or four bars in one sitting. I was reed thin back then so there were no worries about getting flabs. Oh how I miss that sweet chocolate taste. I think it was in the early 90's when I last tasted that particular brand.

Based on my internet research, I learned that the original Lion Bar was made by Rowntree but by the start of the 90's they sold it to Nestle. Nestle still sells the bars but they've changed the recipe. Too bad!

I think I'll search for a Nestle Lion Bar soon and see for myself if the taste did indeed change. Haha.

Everyone has fond memories of childhood. Mine is a bar of chocolate goodness that roars back with every bite.

photo credit: 205gti306gti

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