Monday, March 21, 2011

gudjab teach!

Just a quick blog while I rest from working.

I received my teacher rating today. At the end of every semester, the teachers are "graded" by the students using a teacher rating scale devised by the college. It's a 51-item tool with questions ranging from grooming to classroom discipline to actual teaching and exams. Space is also provided for comments and suggestions. For me, more than the numbers, its the written comments that has the biggest impact may it be positive or negative.

I can't help but smile as I read what the students thought about how I taught and handled my classes. It really feels nice to be appreciated by your students. That plus knowing they are learning and striving to get better makes everything wort the while. I did get some feedback regarding my occasional tardiness and how I sometimes get easily frustrated. (Duly noted, sirs and ma'ams.) But overall, I was overwhelmed with the positive things they wrote. At one point, I can't actually believe they were writing about me! :)

To my students, thanks for the kind words and the useful suggestions. You don't know how your comments inspire me to do better.

Cheers to teaching and learning!

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