Sunday, March 6, 2011

in your north face!

I met up with my friend Roselyn today to get the original black north face back pack I ordered. She got it from a friend in Vietnam and she's selling it for just 2K which is much much less compared to its mall price.

I'm always in need of a new resilient backpack. Careless is an understatement. I leave it anywhere and stuff everything in it. Betchay calls my backpack paper purgatory. Once a sheet of papers goes in my bag, it takes centuries before it sees daylight again. I call it a stereognosis backpack. One needs their streognosis (identification of objects by touch without the benefit of sight) intact to find anywhere in there. Haha. I hope this new north face will last longer than its predecessors.

I'm excited to use it for the Visayas-Minadanao trip we are planning for May. Yey!

gopher's new black borealis

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