Saturday, April 2, 2011

training scenes

I work in Manila but I live in Cavite but most of the time I crash at my brother's place in Pasig to the point of overstaying my welcome. Haha.

There are three routes I usually take from Lifehomes to Manila: bus to Quiapo, MRT-LRT straight to Pedro Gil, or FX to Makati then a cab to work. Lately, I've been taking he train. It's the fastest but the most tiring. Unlike with the bus or the FX-cab routes, I cannot sleep when I'm "training". When there's nothing to do aside from standing my ground, I usually whip out my phone and take pictures.

Here are some of those "training scenes".

center aisle

dreaming of mcdo

gum! tsk tsk tsk

with the students gone

traveling with dad

bus ride to Cavite - different mode of transport, same problem

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