Saturday, April 9, 2011

clinic pre-renovation

Our generous ninang agreed to help with the summer renovation of the pedia section of the clinic. The walls and ceiling will be repainted and the floor will be retiled. We will also have that almost 20-year old wooden toy cabinet dismantled to give room for the new metal cabinets we ordered. The sink will be retiled as well and the anay-infested cabinets below it will be removed. Lastly, we'll have the upper part of the door changed to glass and new window screens will be put in place.

We emptied the clinic and placed everything at the adult-adolescent section. Its a little cramped there now but its still functional.

Hopefully, the construction will be finished by the end of May in time for the start of another academic year.

main entrance

wooden toy cabinets

more toy cabinets

main treatment area

to the sensory integration room

isolation room and sink area

dora at the iso room

sink area and comfort room

more iso rooms

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