Tuesday, April 12, 2011

land and fire

Last Monday I went with Royson to Batasan to meet with my adviser to tell her about my decision. Unfortunately, she was sick so I wasn't able to talk to her personally. I just emailed her instead.

On our way to Batasan, we passed by several shanties on fire! The black column of smoke was already visible as far away as Araneta Avenue.

I heard from the news later that day that these were squatters who refused to be relocated. I think one person was reported dead. I'm not sure if there were more.

Sad. You don't know who to side with. The illegal settlers who now lost all of their property and for some, their love ones, or the legal owners of the area who cannot use the land because it was, if you think about it, "stolen" from them by these illegal settlers.

Why can't just people follow the law and think before they act? Hay naku!

pillar of black smoke form the burning shanties

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