Saturday, April 16, 2011

things to do this summer

Ever since I decided to discontinue with my program, my head is spinning with things I can do with my free time this summer. I'm writing it down here so I won't forget. I have a lot of free time this April and May but I will be swamped with work come first semester. So I need to use my time wisely. Mr. Crammer will start to work early. hahaha. This will also serve as my goal list.

Ok. Things to do this summer:

1. Review and revise the syllabus for PT 153: Thera Ex 2. I need to look at the course evaluation, rethink the content and send the revisions to the team before the second week of May. This will give them more time to think about the course and the subjects they would like to teach.

2. Review and revise the syllabus for PT 142: Assessment in Physical Therapy. This is trickier compare to the first one because it is a bigger subject. I need to meet with the previous coordinator aside from reviewing the course eval. I hope i will be able to email the revised syllabus for comments by the 3rd week of May.

3. Transcribe the FGD with the clinical coordinators and analyze the data. This I should do soon. I will be using the analysis of the data during the CAMP vision and mission. This should be done before the VMG on the 26th.

4. Revise the research proposal that I will use for the thesis of the incoming students. I plan to use parts of my management study. Either the interview of clinic managers of pediatric centers to determine the most effective way to decrease the waitlist, or continue with the telephone interview to determine the perceptions of caregivers of patients in the CTS waitlist about waiting. This will take a longer time to finish. I hope I can submit it for technical review by the first week of June and for ethical review right after that.

5. Work on my paper for publication. I will try to have the SERVQUAL study I did with the students two years ago. I want this to be a surprise. I hope to get a response by June. So that means I have to work on it ASAP.

6. I have several projects on-going at CTS at the moment. I need to supervise them during the summer:
a. Renovation of the CTS pedia
b. Updating and improving the database - i need to find a suitable program for this
c. I plan to do an actual audit of the existing waitlist and do it as a study. I've read articles like this before. It would also be good for publication.

7. Think about topics for the EBP paper next semester. I need to have this ready by June.

So there. Looks like its going to be a full summer. But I'm not dreading it. There is no pressure and I work better that way.

Of course, there's the May Visayas-Mindanao trip to look forward too. I'll still get to swim this summer and not just in papers. hahaha

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