Friday, April 15, 2011

and another academic year comes to a close

It was a tiring but productive day. It was University Graduation Day!

I woke up late. Haha. Actually, I woke up at four AM but I made the mistake of closing my eyes again. When I got up it was 6:45 already. The assembly time is at 7:00 at PICC and I'm still at Pasig. I got out of the apartment at around 7:30. I took an FX to Makati and then a cab to PICC. The traffic was moderate to heavy! I should have taken the train. Needless to say, I was was late. This is my 3rd time to attend the university grad and I been late twice. Oh well, next year is another year. I did get to hear the last part of President Pascual's speech, and I still got to see our students as they went up the stage. Congrats again to everyone and to the cum laudes!

The ceremony is not that different from the previous ones. They still played that kulintang march I love in lieu of Pomp and Circumstance. CAS still had the most the number of students and laudes. There was a lightning rally as expected. This year its about expressing their disappointment over the UP budget cuts and the tuition fee increase. Speaking of being disappointed, I didn't like the valedictory address by UP Manila's only summa cum laude. It was just ok. Nothing heartfelt. It was like cliches woven together into a speech. I actually liked the speech of the lightning rally leader better. That one was delivered well and with conviction. I especially liked the part when he was about end and the introduction to UP Naming Mahal was already playing. It gave me goosebumps, I tell you.

After the ceremonies, the Chancellor treated all of the faculty to a delicious lunch at Emerald Garden. They served big crabs and shrimps! Thanks chancy!

When we returned to the college, I had to rush to CTS to talk to the contractor about the renovation plans for the summer. I also had to rush my documents for my grad school application. (Yup! I'm applying in a new program.) Today was the last day of submission. I was able to submit fifteen minutes before the office closed. Whew! Buzzer beater again!

Next week is holy week. Work at the college will finally start to wind down. I've already made geeky plans for the summer. Haha. I'll post that next but for now I will rest.

102nd commencement exercise

double chin a la cervical collar

OT, PT SP faculty

the expected lightning rally

speaking with conviction

waiting for the emerald lunch

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