Wednesday, April 20, 2011

summer plans update 2

Trying to keep track.

CTS stuff:
  • CTS renovation will start on Saturday. Yep Black Saturday. The contractor feels he doesn't have enough time to finish by the end of May. We had to help him out with the papers with CPDMO. I'm so thankful Alma is there to help with all the signing.
  • The new aircondition units for the clinic just arrived. We now have 4 split-type aircons. One for the SI room, one for the iso rooms, one for the intern's lounge and one for the CS lounge. We also have two new window-type aircons for the AA OT area and AA ADL/Hydro area. Plus we have 3 new blowers for the AA comfort room, AA SP rooms and AA OT treatment area. Some of the units have already been installed but we have to work on the power source for the other units.
  • The contractor for the new blinds arrived earlier to make the final measurements. Its going to be a busy summer but come June the clinic is going to be brand new!
  • The graduates donated half of the excess money they gathered for the Christmas Party to the clinic. Thanks to the new alumni of the college!
  • The database project is nearly complete. What's left is encoding the data and sorting all of the inactive patient charts. We will resurrect one of the old computer solely for the database of the clinic.
Geeky stuff
  • Already meet with the previous coordinator of PT142 to discuss problems with last years run. This subject needs careful planning and monitoring. I'm excited. I also emailed last year's course team to ask for their comments and suggestions.
  • Cathie emailed me the copy of the blog study we are going to work on. EJ already gave his approval. I just need to talk to the dean.
  • I fixed up my desk a bit. Something we faculty rarely get to do once the classes start. I got to purge a lot of papers (scratch paper heaven). On Monday, I plan to organize my files.
Non-geeky stuff
  • Nothing planned yet.
  • Tried Chef Bruce's new opened resto at Rob Galleria, Hyphy's (pronounced as HIGH-fees). The sisig pasta was good but it becomes overwhelming after a few bites. I think it needs more pasta to control the amount of the sisig with every bite. The interiors look good and the service is good.
skateboards on the wall

sisig pasta

It will be Maundy Thurday in a few minutes. I'm thinking if I'm going to do a visita iglesia to help me reflect.

Have a blessed holy week everyone.

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